Cannafloria Aromatherapy Roll-On



These deliciously scented roll-ons provide dab of delightful refreshment whenever needed. Apply Cannafloria™ Aromatherapy Roll-ons directly to pulse points—neck, wrists, temples, chest—or wherever desired. Perfect for the desk, pocket, purse, or car. Available in 7 scents: Be Calm, Be Clear, Be Refreshed, Be Sensual, Be Soothed, Be Energized, and Be Focused. 0.33 oz. 

Each Cannafloria product is formulated with pure essential oils and infused with hemp seed oil THT™ (Thera-Hemp Terpenes) found in hemp cannabis. These essential terpenes are derived directly from the hemp plant and are combined with the therapeutic properties of aromatherapy to create supercharged products that help your clients reach their mood and skin care goals. 


Please see ingredients for individual products.

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