reVive Spot Acne Handheld

With the help of blue LED light, the Spot delivers a gentle, noninvasive way to treat existing acne flare-ups and help prevent future breakouts. Unlike traditional skin care routines, Spot can be used multiple times a day to accelerate results. Its unique, portable design allows users to maximize their experience by taking it on-the-go, and it’s equipped with an auto shut-off feature for keeping track of treatment times. Spot is both battery-operated and USB-powered. FDA-cleared, OTC Class II medical device. CE Listed.

Purpose and Benefits

The reVive® Spot was recently named Top Acne Treatment Device by TeenVogue. Because of its unique portable design, Spot users can maximize their experience by taking it on-the-go. Results: 100% of users participating in a clinical study experienced significant reduction in acne.


Warranty: 6 Months
Certifications: FDA - CE

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