Bellabaci Facial Deep Cleanse Pro Facial Mitt

Easily Remove Makeup, Including Waterproof Mascara! 

This soap-free cleansing mitt efficiently removes makeup, including mascara (even waterproof!) and lip liner. Made from superb quality microfiber, it fits snugly on the hand like a glove. Just dampen with water only, slip onto hand, and wipe impurities away. It’s also great for cleansing prior to facial cupping. Rinse after use and hang to dry. Machine washable. 

Pairs Well With

Bellabaci Skin Get a Life Genie Gel
Bellabaci Circuflow Genie Gel
Bellabaci Stress No More Genie Gel
Bellabaci Facial and Bambino Cups

How to Use

Wet with tepid water and wipe away. Keep your mitt clean and intact by washing it regularly in warm, soapy water. Hang to dry.

For a 3-step facial ritual, cleanse with Pro Mitt, apply Genie Gel, and massage facial area with Bellabaci Facial or Bambino Cup. (Bellabaci Facial Kits that include everything you need are also available.)  

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